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Live Online Trainings in January (Finance & Business Analytics) - EXCEL, VBA, SPSS, R

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Welcome to the "Learn a new course every week" series of PACEgurus. Every week we conduct one Live Online training in one of the areas (Finance, Investment, Risk Management, Actuaries, Business Analytics, Statistics) using EXCEL, SPSS, R, VBA and Tableau. All the courses are taken by VAMSIDHAR AMBATIPUDI

Pedagogy: Data sets would be taken and the relevant tools and techniques would be applied, interpreted and the corresponding concepts are explained. So the 20 hours you spend will be completely practical in nature.

Multivariate Analytics using SPSS (20 Hours)

Timings:  4-Jan-2016 to 10-Jan-2016 6:30pm IST – 9:30pm IST
Fee: INR 12,000/$249
Topics Covered

Multivariate Distributions
Multiple Regression
Principal Component Analysis
Factor Analysis
Cluster Analysis
Discriminant Analysis
Logistic Regression
Correspondence Analysis
Canonical Correlation Analysis
Multi-Dimensional Scaling
Conjoint Analysis
Multinomial Logistic regression

Financial Statement Analysis using EXCEL (20 Hours)

Timings:  11-Jan-2016 to 17-Jan-2016 6:30pm IST – 9:30pm IST
Fee: INR 12,000/$249
Topics Covered

Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Statement
Ratio Analysis
Comparing Financial Statements
Financial Activities – Debt, Leases, Post – retirement
Share-holders Equity
Investment Activities – Inventories, Long Term Assets, Intangibles
Investment Activities – Inter-corporate Investments, Derivatives
Operating Activities – Revenue Recognition, Interest, Taxes
Cash Flow Analysis
Du-Pont Analysis

Basic Statistics using R (20 Hours)

Timings:  18-Jan-2016 to 24-Jan-2016 6:30pm IST – 9:30pm IST
Fee: INR 12,000/$249
Topics Covered

Overview of R, Reading data into R
Key constructs in R
Data Frames, Vectors, lists, matrices, factors
Central Tendency, Dispersion, Skewness
Covariance and Correlation
One sample and two sample t-tests
Basic Non parametric Tests
Linear Regression
One way ANOVA
Probability Distributions – Normal, Binomial
Basic Charts – Bar, Line, Scatter, Histogram

Macro Programming using VBA (20 Hours)

Timings:  25-Jan-2016 to 31-Jan-2016 6:30pm IST – 9:30pm IST
Fee: INR 12,000/$249
Topics Covered

Macro Recording and code reading
VB Editor, Object oriented programming
Variables, Data Types, Collections, Objects
Working with Ranges
Loops – Do Until, Do While, For Next
Decisions – If then Else, Choose
Using EXCEL Formulas
Working with Arrays
Working with Work Sheets
Working with Workbooks
User forms and Controls
Working with Pivot Tables
Working with Charts
User defined functions

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